2 Chronicles 6; August 7 – 14, 2016

THIS WEEK’S ChoW is 2 Chronicles 6 which is really one giant prayer. As the writer recounts the dedication of Solomon’s temple, he records the prayer Solomon spoke at that dedication. What makes the prayer of significance for us (besides its historical setting) is all the examples Solomon uses to describe when and why people […]

Isaiah 45, July 24-31, 2016

ChoW THIS WEEK is Isaiah 45 which is part of the second section of this book (chapters 40-66) that speak words of comfort to the Old Testament people of Israel.  Beginning in chapter 44 and into the first part of chapter 45 Isaiah prophesies about Cyrus, the king of Persia who would eventually be the […]

Psalm 8, July 11-17, 2016

THIS WEEK’S CHAPTER OF THE WEEK is Psalm 8 which sits as a unique piece in a series of Psalms (7,9,10) all of which ask God for justice, or vindication, much like what Job prayed for when he felt picked upon in his troubles.  But Psalm 8 is a clear song of praise to the […]

Psalm 104, July 4-10

THIS WEEK’S ChoW is Psalm 104 which encourages us to reflect on what God has done, down through time, both for us as individuals and for the world as a whole.  He is after all the Creator and Preserver of all that exists and every part of this world is dependent on Him to sustain […]

Latest Message July 3, 2016

Dear Friends, As we celebrated the birth of our country this past weekend, we also take time to remember and pray for those who serve our country by putting their lives in harm’s way.  Even though they are volunteers, they still must meet fitness stan­dards of the military in order to be accepted for service.  What about […]