Sermon Review, 9-4-2016

Dear Friends,During September our worship focus at Living Word is on WORK.  For many people this word has negative connotations such as … “that’s a lot of work”, “I hate my job” or even “I have to go to work”.  Yet when we look closely at God’s Word we find that work is a gift […]

8-28-16 Thoughts from Sunday

Last Sunday’s message and Song story As we get ready for a new worship series this Sunday (focusing on WORK by the way) we have the following thoughts from last Sunday’s conclusion to the August series on Prayer. I think you will find the aspects of “How to Pray”? of particular use as you work […]

Latest Message July 3, 2016

Dear Friends, As we celebrated the birth of our country this past weekend, we also take time to remember and pray for those who serve our country by putting their lives in harm’s way.  Even though they are volunteers, they still must meet fitness stan­dards of the military in order to be accepted for service.  What about […]

Latest Message, 6-26-2016

Dear Friends, A frequent comment heard from people both inside and outside of the church feel is the perspective that the message of Christianity and the Bible is not relevant. They may see the focus of worship, instruction and even church activities to be indifferent to the questions and concerns prevalent in people’s lives. Our […]