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June 2023 Mission of the Month Faith Comes By Hearing

For the entire month of June we will be collecting donations for Faith Comes By Hearing. You can either bring in your donation and drop it in the Mission of the Month basket, mail in a donation to the church, or use our giving page here on our website and select Mission of the Month. 


Here are some staggering facts: Earth’s population numbers in the billions, and it’s growing every day. There are over 7,100 languages spoken all over the world. 70% of people alive today primarily learn through audible communication, and 50% cannot read at a functional level. How will they ever hear the Gospel? There’s no way that one ministry can complete this task alone.

Faith Comes By Hearing has come alongside the worldwide translation community in a movement to finish the task—to ensure that everyone on Earth has access to Jesus Christ’s Gospel in a format they can understand. The various ministries carrying out this work have entered into an unprecedented time of unity, meaning that at long last, after two thousand-plus years, we can finally see the finish line. 

Faith Comes By Hearing also provides bible sticks to our military.

 Our military outreach program has equipped over 1.3 million service members and veterans, as well as many of their families, with the comforting truth of God’s audible Word. 

Today, you can provide Military BibleSticks for service members, veterans, and their families when you give to Vision 2033. Your gift will also support our commitment to provide God’s Word to everyone on Earth who still needs access to its life-giving message.