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Voice of Care – March Mission of the Month

Voice of Care is our March Mission of the Month. You can donate all month long either in person at church, online using our giving page and selecting Mission of the Month, or mail in your donation to church. 


Voice of Care’s mission is to equip the local church to embrace, empower and engage people who experience disabilities and their families in their discipleship walk with Christ.



Voice of Care works with congregations to develop disability awareness and foster inclusive practices throughout the life and work of the church.

Voice of Care consults on making facilities and activities accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities, developing models for full inclusion in Christian Education, and implementing outreach opportunities, such as respite care events or interactive programs.

Voice of Care provides training and resources for professional church workers and lay people to teach, counsel and serve ably and joyfully among children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families ‐ demonstrating the love of Christ.

Voice of Care works with schools to present Disability Awareness Days. These interactive learning opportunities include an introduction to common disabilities and will emphasize that despite physical or cognitive differences we are children of God. The key teaching surrounds the fact that we are each loved by Jesus and of great value because He made us. A Disability Awareness Day presents children with experiences that mimic those of a person with disabilities: using sign language or braille, navigating a white cane obstacle course while blindfolded, participating in a wheelchair “rodeo,” dealing with dyslexia or having one’s manual dexterity compromised. Videos and learning activities can also be presented as a chapel service or school assembly, with songs and stories that underscore the fact that all God’s children are special.